We are Apex, a wealth management and fiscal optimization firm based in Montreal.

Reasons to work with us

In order to guide you through every step of your financial life cycle, we have a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, which will be able to assist you with all your financial needs, from one point of contact, with a personalized customer service approach.



We have the advantage of being 100% independent from all the banks and financial services firms. This means that we can shop for you to find the best fund managers available and the best combination of low management fees vs investment returns. We don’t manage mutual funds for you, we find the best in business and keep an eye on your money for you.

You will have no strings attached while doing business with us. We believe that you should have the freedom to move as freely as you want to within the financial realm without having to pay deffered sales charges on your investments or penalties on your insurance contracts.



Philippe Bouchard is the CEO and founder of Apex Wealth Management Inc. Educated with a B.Sc. in finance at Stony Brook University, NY. He also attended HEC Montréal at the graduate level in the MSc. Finance Program.

Since then, he accumulated 13 years of experience in financial markets and corporate finance. For many years, he worked for investment banks such as RBC Capital Markets and JP Morgan, mostly in Toronto.

He also ran his own proprietary trading operation from 2007 to 2014 before becoming a financial security advisor, specializing with health professionals and entrepreneurs. The entire team at Apex Wealth Management is well educated, experienced and ready to help make your wealth management experience not only a profitable one, but also a positive one.


& Optimize

The reality is that the daily routine and life of a physician is extremely hectic and that most likely, as a physician, you do not have time to manage every aspect of your financial well-being and investment planning.

Over the years, people were taught that you need an expert for every single aspect of your financial management. The reasoning is simple, if an advisor is specialized in a particular area, he will be the best source to advise you on that particular product or service. While this is true, the downside to this is that it’s extremely time-consuming to have to deal with various people to try to achieve the same goals, which are usually to help you optimize your financial gains and increase long-term security.

What we do at APEX Wealth Management is bring all of these experts under one roof with a single point of contact. This saves you time, organizes the services you need and allows you to make educated decisions regarding your future. We take the messiness out of wealth management with a team of experts that actually delivers results.

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